32 Point Trailer Inspection

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•32 point Trailer Inspection•

Perform according to Standard Repair Practices

PART 396—INSPECTION, REPAIR, AND MAINTENANCE as required by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration: Rules & Regulations Part 396:17

1. Circle Inspection
Check for DVCR (s)
2. Check glandhead and seals.
3. Check condition of all operational & warning decals.
4. Check lights and wiring.
5. Check all reflectors and conspicuity tape.
6. Check for physical damage and record.
7. Check mud flaps
8. Check license plates, bracket and permits
9. Perform Rear Underride Guard (RUG) Inspection.
10. Tire & Wheel Inspection
Check tires for irregular or alignment wear.
11. Check for cuts or tears.
12. Check for tread depth and air pressure.
13. Check PSI decal;adjust tires to correct PSI.
14. Check dual mating with square.
15. Check valve stems and double check caps.
16. Check wheels for cracks of loose lugs.
17. Check outer hubs for leaks.
18. Running Gear
Check cross members and under structure.
19. Check all suspension components (leaf spring suspension)
20. Check operation of sliding tandem.
21. Check all suspension components (air ride suspension)
22. Brake Inspection
Check for proper operation of automatic slack adjuster.
23. Adjust manual slack adjusters (if applicable).
24. Check and record brake lining thickness.
25. Check and record brake drum condition.
26. Check brake chambers, trailer valves, and airlines for leaks.
27. Check ABS system and wheel bearings.
28. Lubrication (Conventional Lubrications System)
Hubs running in oil: check and adjust lubricant level using 50 wt synthetic oil (if necessary).
29. Hubs running in Semi-fluid: check and adjust lubricant level annually.
30. Check hub cap magnetic plugs for metal particles.
31. Lubricate trailer with approved chassis lube.
32. Lubrication (single Point Lubrication System)
Lubricate trailer with approved chassis lube.